Braille Satellite 2018

​FOQL + Copy Corpo

FOQL: Polish artist who crafts heavy, elegant and hypnotic music that stands somewhere between minimal synth, darker and more industrialised fringes of techno and coldwave/ post-punk influences. Detaching herself from the occasional boredom of techno, she also employs the best elements of the genre to shape her own unique sound – one that is as danceable as it is sonically adventurous and atmospheric. Wavey synths and analog rhythmic patterns float into dense atmospheric soundscapes or become immersed in lo-fi noise shards or melancholic soundscapes. Her recent LP “Lower Your Expectations” released on Always Human Tapes forefronts these sensibilities. Her association with such labels as Enfant Terrible, Pointless Geometry and New York Haunted also illustrate the vast scope of her activities. She is undoubtedly one of the most exciting names coming from Poland’s darker underground spheres. (source: Secret Thirteen)

Copy Corpo: Improvisator, promoter of independent music, co-founder of Trzecia Fala collective and cassette label Pointless Geometry. He creates music on electronic and electroacoustic objects. Together with Justyna Banaszczyk he organizes in Warsaw concert series focused on experimental music – “V / A – Various Artist”. As VJ Copy Corpo he creates visualizations based on feedback and video materials from VHS cassettes in aesthetics of analog glitch and psychedelic color structures. In his improvised sets he uses analogue video mixers, video cameras, old TVs and other peripheral devices.