Braille Satellite 2018

Interiors (Gamma)

Interiors (Gamma) involved in different musical genres for several years, Interiors is now commonly known on Lithuania’s underground scene as the resident DJ, promoter and conceptualizer at one of the finest Vilnius nightlife establishments: Kablys Club – the place where he runs his regular, but musically diverse Gamma nights. With varied tastes and influences from different scenes, he blends his own mixture of dark disco, krautrock, EBM and other psychedelic-minded alternative dancefloor sounds, fit as much for the brain as for the body, for the club or bedroom, mid-day or midnight. Even if his sets might seem a bit chaotic, one couldn’t help recognizing that he has got his own mixture of the past, the present and the future, seamed into his very own musical strategy, which Interior himself calls “a thin line between contrasts”.