Braille Satellite 2018


Laura Odl is a sound artist, radio producer, broadcaster, musician and  Dj based in Berlin since 2007. She has completed her studies in the Berlin University of Arts (UDK) master Sound Studies and Sonic Arts. Explorer of sound and music, collector of records and cassettes tapes she also collects pieces of reality recording sounds everywhere she goes.

As Dj she plays under the name of Ondula,  she has toured around Europe and played in Festivals like Strcamp, Polyhymnia, New Dance Fantasy, City of Thousand Suns or Camp Cosmic. In Berlin she is resident of the club Sameheads, icon of the underground electronic music scene in the city where she hosts the bi monthly party  Diapason, together with Eva Geist. She explores deep into music proposing an Immersion in obscure electronics, forgotten tapes, analogue synths, Avant-garde, composers, pioneerism and sound collages. Down tempo dance movements combined with rhythms which lead to a different state of consciousness. “Submerged into the rivers of experimental electronics, she will always start a dialogue with those who listen, who seek and with those who swim along”.

She is the half of the electronic music duo As Longitude.  As Longitude is part of the Berlin label Eine Welt and the Dutch label Knekelhuis where their first Ep, Blauer Part, has been released in 2017. Their live performances are made of infinite bass loops, drum machines and sequenced riffs, crooked, overdriven synths and tape manipulations. The output is a unique raw experimental acid, spatial techno, bubbling soundscapes and fuzzy rhythms.