Braille Satellite 2019


Based in Madrid, Arch is a vinyl collector, DJ, promoter and label owner. His sets can range from introspective and avant-garde sounds to dirtier electro and industrial rhythms. He started collecting music when he was a teenager in the beginning of the 90’s. Towards the end of the decade, he takes his first steps as a DJ at first more focused in the clubbing scene, but, later on, researching other type of sonorities and artistic languages. He moves to Madrid in 2006 and starts djing at some of the best underground clubs like Oui, Flesh or Specka. In 2010 he begins his activity as promoter together with two friends with the wave- and minimal-synth-oriented club DIE BUNKER. One year later, he founds FEMUR, which gradually becomes a reference in Madrid with monthly parties in which vintage electronic sounds of many different styles are represented. In 2017 he develops the club idea into a homonymous music label counting now with six releases.