Braille Satellite 2019

Blenno die Wurstbrücke

Comparable to action painting I make a self-constructed performative setting with element of absurdist theatre, comic strip and arte povera. Most of the time I use what get in the place I arrive to make all the performance: The scenography, the dress, masks, collage, and music (instrument) so different latitude different show! I tested my music (my show) at the beginning on the street just like an anarchist “demonstration” or like a mystical dervish beggar. Due to that reason I was invited several time in Teheran by some underground gallery to work and show what could be possible with scab we find in every city and how to make some noise in policed state (like in the TAZ theories). So, I’m more a sort of noise-ambient musician that usually use theatralisation installation to perfect the effect of the music.