Braille Satellite 2019


A little is written about the connection between chefs, experiments with substances that alter the consciousness and romantic electronic club music. Not sure why actually – the connection is more or less obvious and as far as I can judge, a lot of people have a master-of-the-kitchen friend who, when not cooking, drifts in parallel universes sound and mind wise. It might be the cooking it self, cutting slices, mixing spices, boiling it all up, combining into a meal – it already sounds like music. One could also put Concierge in that category, coming more from a post punk, hardcore band music background, he slowly manoeuvred his endeavours towards dark romantic electronic music- cooking on trackers as well as hardware – little dungeons for the mind – a hot soup and a safe spoon – yes for sure a stock trader of artificial meat – that trade that is definitely lacking contemporary club music and its historical indexing – so while most music of that genre still beats the real meat concierge enters thru the backdoor, brings his own future pan to your party as well as all the ingredients – and in some parallel trap universe or in the corner of your party one would say “lit” and add 3 fire emotjis. Just C serves the meal hot, went thru a few kitchens, and knows how to feed the hungry customer with a meal that is mind and soul food – overall filling while eating nothing less than light – but not grease like this text. More the opposite – a connoisseur and the caretaker of slow food and not exactly what the friendly foodora guy will deliver when you are starving at night and the bass line kicks in.