Braille Satellite 2019

Delmore FX

Elia Buletti is a berlin-based swiss sound artist and designer. Working in the field of electro-acoustic and experimental music, Elia produces and performs since 2011 as Delmore Fx, while being at the same time a part-time dj (Giorgio Gabber) and a member of the Marimba duo with the guitarist Paul Jones. In 2008 he founded Das Andere Selbst, a label focusing on limited runs of cassettes and vinyls counting more than 30 releases so far. Delmore Fx pieces and performances could be seen as abstract sonic narrations being enrooted in a peculiar freeform diy hermeticism. Taking shape from a sort of self-hypnotic practice of improvisations recording, his electro-acoustic samples are continuously and ephemerally restructured, gathering into unsteady and slightly psychedelic sound shapes. Since 2011 Elia has extensively performed around Europe and further, like for his 2016 Japan Tour.