Braille Satellite 2019


Whether for classically trained musicians or forward-thinking rock and rollers, faUSt is one of those groups that is evidently referred to. For 46 years, the group has kept up with its legendary and truly avant-garde status, its work being literally one step ahead of art. Although a « noise band » reputation generally precedes them, their work is actually much more than this. One could think that a group outside the standard pop structure could easily be “grating or irritating”; well Faust never are, even though some will need a second listening to recognise or appreciate how melodic their music is. Their influences will make them sound familiar to those who don’t yet know them. Amongst other innovations, one could point out the heavily rhythmic structures – continually rolling and tuneful – and the loose and open arrangements that can be heard from many contemporary artists. Faust could find its place in the 20th century classical composers’ lineage, after Terry Riley, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Tod Dockstader. Their singularity is Faust’s populist ideas – which unintentionally laid a foundation that still influences the Krautrock music of today. Its music is not supposed to be listened to in an auditorium, nor is it played only to make its fan base content.