Braille Satellite 2019

Herr Ebu

Herr Ebu, founder of the label Ebus Music, sings to the guitar, uses a loop machine, dances in a golden cloak and involves his audience in parts of his performance. His mostly german lyrics are humorous, serious, even syllabic, sometimes Dadaist-minimal and deal with arsonistic art, life, suicide and wanderlust. Herr Ebus repertoire consists of songs from his now 30-year-old solo- and band practice up to brand new material. Somehow refreshingly different – between encouraging lightness, self-taught didactics, melancholy moments and the punk’s defiance. The old project Schmertz der Welten is also experiencing an authentic revival in the original stage outfit from the beginning days.

Herr Ebu – Songs, Lyrics, Ebulala