Braille Satellite 2019


There might be a way to establish a communication tube between all sisters and brothers in the cosmos by using strange rhythmic sounds.

Houschyar is an artist and electronic globalist recently based in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2015 he co-founded the project Hardware which besides a podcast series and a tape label mainly focused on throwing events in the underground scene of east Germany. The events were hosting names like Detroit in Effect, AN-I, Mick Wills, June, Fallbeil, Mauopa Mazzocchetti, Credit 00, Alessandro Adriani & many more. Since 2016 he studies Fine Art in the class of Carsten Nicolai (alva noto) and started to develop own live performances.

Houschyars DJ Sets are fulfilling a wide range, from organic percussion to noisy tape experiments, from weird disco tunes to heavy dark wave hymns, from industrial ebm to pitched down funk. Though his expanded view, his selection always walks on a mystic way of describing the connections between earth and space.

His live performances are always different, specifically prepared for the event and often fall from psychedelic waves into heavy, rhythmic journeys. A live performance of Houschyar is always unforeseeable and can easily turn from experimental compositions into punk.