Braille Satellite 2019


“Insultor is the previous owner of Berlin based record, book store and gallery Staalplaat (freshly-retired this year…). He’s also the man behind the Le Petit Mignon projects, a traveling gallery and independent record label and publishing house with a strong DIY spirit. Now free from his main obligations at Staalplaat and besides forthcoming new projects, Insultor aims to travel the world and share part of his time between the organization of Le Petit Mignon’s traveling group exhibitions, the production of new editions in collaboration with international emerging artists, and the presentation of his own music and visual universe. On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Braille Satellite festival, Insultor will put on his DJ outfits and play a mix of vinyls, tapes and digital files, ranging from hallucinogenic anachronism to timeless multifaceted mash-up.