Braille Satellite 2019

Jealousy Party

Jealousy Party is a Berlin based abstract R&B outfit blending noise and improvisation with funk, avant rock, dub and idiosyncratic electronic collage – a fusion they term Punca.

Founded in Florence, Italy in 1995 by producers Roberta WJM Andreucci and Mat Pogo, JP keep their line-up open to variations and explorations, with multi- instrumentalist Edoardo Ricci as their main collaborator. Right now they are active as a duo with founder members WJM and Mat Pogo on players, electronics and vocals playing metamorphic samples from the burning library of sessions that the duo recorded with an open collective of musicians involved in the Jealousy Party since years. Those recordings are endlessly reshuffled, dubbed and remixed live with a spontaneous use of playback devices that has become one of Jealousy Party’s most crucial trademarks, in a musical frame that is never 100% improvised and never 100% fixed.