Braille Satellite 2019

Ludo Mich

Ludo Mich was born in 1945 in Antwerp, Belgium. His work, rooted in Fluxus, involves many media: computer art, sound performances, Fluxus happenings, poetry, painting, electronic music, drawing, sculpting, theater, environment and street performances. In 1978 he started working on holography, holographic film and „holoism“, introducing holography as a new medium in art. He is known most for his film from the 60s and 70s, and is regarded as one of the best artists of the Belgian Underground Cinema. The film „Saturnus“ (1971) is a hallucination-like fairy tale situated on the planet Saturn, filmed with a fish eye lens in three days. The film was projected on a large spherical shape with live musical accompaniment. „Lysistrata“ (1975) is a free adaptation of the 411 BC Greek satire by Aristophanes, filmed in Antwerp on a set of blown up painted 35mm pellicule, around which the actors played. Mich has performed all over the world, released music projects and did collaborations with artists.