Braille Satellite 2022

Dr. Truna

Dr.Truna (Andrés Blasco, 1965) is a neo-dadaist, a retro-futurist, he is also a founding member of “The Other College of ‘Pataphysics’ based in Valencia (Spain). He defines himself as an “auto-luthier”, and invents and plays his own musical instruments. His artistic career includes such diverse fields including interactive installations, collaborations with contemporary dance and theatre companies, soundtracks for cinema concerts, sound performance in public spaces and free improvisation.

In this performance Dr.Truna plays sound sculpture installations, created by myself, as an electronic-luthier. These include “El Toro Cósmico” (The Cosmic Bull) and the “Atril del Futuro” (Music Stand of the Future). He plays live music with mutant cello, balloon guitar and electronics, while projecting two pre-recorded videos of himself. He plays one sound sculpture, in each, while using a DVD remote control to stop and play the recorded material.