Braille Satellite 2022


Life: A throbbing Art.         48 years of xperience i have.
Since childhood,  I am interested on sonik phenomena….and in doing-my-self world(  inkluding toys, kostumes and very rudimentary shelters on gardens and abandoned /useless spaces in the city).                       Celebrating Friendship is the verybest masterklass.
I have lived in many countries developing my modus operandi, focusing on paying attention to site especifik information from every latitude…everyone of them allow to generate new kind of knwoledge  new kodes and behaviours. Quotidian tiny details as transforming ingredients are essential in terms of going forward with the teknologies of the self.
As above so below.
People know me for my works related to sound, I studied piano and musical language for many many years. Also arkitekture at EtsamMadrid. Throughout this non-stop I have worked with many people and have made countless friendships in the world of art and music. For years I have been releasing small editions and setting gigs with our Grand Moffworks label .      Espeso de Medianoche organizing night saraos with Laura & Oskar Sasa and TronicDesease in Madrid…with Angela Boris Mari Pierre Adrian and Grinnin bei Berlin….also..kontroversial events, festivals etc etc etc.
         Solo se vive una vez en nuestros kuerpos serranos.                                                    .    . ……Unhurried  …without pause.
A tamer who explores the way in which the various materials interact when El Entropicio happens. Noise is one of them, not a reality in itself. I come from it and I go towards it, like a daredevil.