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Aavikko is a Finnish electronic music band formed in Siilinjärvi, Finland in 1995 by Tomi Kosonen (keyboards), Tomi Leppänen (drums) and Paul Staufenbiel (synths). Aavikko’s music is characterized by its use of vintage synthesizers and drum machines, as well as its catchy melodies, dancable rhythms and energetic live performances.

The name “Aavikko” means “desert” in Finnish, and the band’s music is often described as otherworldly and futuristic, with influences from 1960s space age pop, 1970s electronic music, and 1980s video game soundtracks.

Aavikko has gained a cult following in Finland and other parts of Europe, and their music has been featured in various films, TV shows, and commercials. The band has also toured extensively, playing shows in Finland, Europe, and the United States.

Aavikko currently working with their new album scheduled to be released later this year.