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Daniel Savio

In the late 90´s Daniel formed the electro and Dub Techno group Hundarna Från Söder awarded with Swedish Grammis (Club/Dance) in 2004 for the trio’s self-titled debut album.

In an interview Daniel Savio stated that “it just fizzled out”. Savio continued producing and recording music as a solo artist.

Savio simultaneously started releasing music under his birth name – as well as under the alias “Kool DJ Dust”. As Kool DJ Dust he produced the mix and re-edit concept album the album was released locally on label High Feelings, along with an EP called “The Space Opera”.

Following the wider re-release of the CD mix album on Service, Pitchfork gave plaudits to the album, comparing “The Disco Opera” to the music of Todd Terje and The Avalanches. Svenska Dagbladet proclaimed Daniel, in the guise of Kool DJ Dust, as “…a Swedish DJ Shadow in terms of the sampling of collages of vinyl, or a one-man Radio Soulwax intertwining the most remarkable combinations of tunes into a suddenly logic entity”. In conjunction with the release of “The Disco Opera”, Daniel cited influences like Italian composer Dario Argento. He also explained how he endured listening through piles of cheap LPs by saying “it is no worse listening to a bad record from 1972 than it is to listen to the radio on any given day”.

In the beginning of the 2000´s Daniel came up with the concept and the idea around Skweee-music that was bound to happen within the electro community at that time, first album called “Dirty Bomb” was an instant classic.

Daniel’s two latest albums have been focusing on the influences that gave start to the musical and cultural explosion of Hip Hop.