Braille Satellite 2023

David Chesworth

David Chesworth’s music moves constantly between two extremes: from insistent minimalism to layerings of oddball melodic and rhythmic juxtapositions, peppered with found sounds and live interventions with unique referents and histories.

Early on, Chesworth co-founded the influential experimental post punk/art group Essendon Airport and Whadya Want? as well the independent label Innocent Records that released many of his early records that have become underground classics – now reissued on Chapter Music.

One of these records is 50 Synthesizer Greats, his 1979 album of delicately patterned, compact and complex compositions originally recorded in his parents’ lounge room, using a monophonic Mini Korg 700 synth and a domestic tape recorder, and released by David himself. 50 Synthesizer Greats is actually 37 minimal synth investigations, full of inquisitive humour and experimental spirit.

‘50 Synthesizer Greats stands up as one of the essential electronic records of Australia’s recorded music history. It’s simple, naïve at times, but more so just a mindful example of the kind of playful audio discoveries that emerging technologies allow for.’ – Lawrence English

Considered ‘complex’ by some and ‘naïve’ by others, his live performance incorporates the original recordings that take on new meanings as the compositions are filtered through time and technologies.