Braille Satellite 2023

DJ Peacock

Pieter Kock aka DJ Peacock, one of the guiding souls behind the Berlin based bar/micro club O Tannenbaum. Musically active since 1986 as singer, guitarist, drummer and noisemaker, Pieter released a string of albums under different aliases and in different shapes with De Fabriek, with Meeuw as Billie and Ballie, as The Hitmachine and Taladu. Since the early 1990s he narrates haunting sonic stories as a DJ, playing a vast palette of styles – from cosmic to acid, tekno to tape experiments, sound-art, wave, world, jazz, punk, industrial, and weird pop music. In the last three years we’ve seen another peak of album releases on Musikii, RIO, Full Body Massage, Fantasy Fiction records and Moonwalk X. And more to come.