Braille Satellite 2023

Don’t Dj

Don’t Dj is a dragon as well as he’s pisces who live and work in Berlin directly at at the junction of music and arts on the left side behind the corner.

Besides enjoying cooking, feeding the geese and playing with wooden toys on wheels, he’s known for producing and DJing music that experiments with time, rhythm and reference. He released works in various formats, yet most well known are his vinyl records with Labels like Honest Jons (UK), Em Records (JP), Berceuse Heroique (UK) and his own DISK imprint – where he publishes unreleased music by kindred spirits.

Florian collaborated with many groups and individual artists, momentarily active collectives he partakes in are: Kreng, the Institut fuer Feinmotorik and A.N.I where he explores new strategies to group-improvisation together with his friends Bear Bones Lay Low and Black Zone Myth Chant.
He hosts regular evenings at Sameheads (/Berlin) in a series named “peg a sus”.