Braille Satellite 2023

Elastic Systems

Elastic Systems explores human-machine interaction with polymorphic rhythmic modules and an evolutive synthesis. The resulted sound stretches into elastic semi-improvised compositions, which continuously distend and deform, to produce quirky and technical musical shapes.

Started in May 2022, Elastic Systems explores the possibilities offered by electronic drum kits and MIDI technology to create songs in between chiptune, IDM, krautrock and experimental music, borrowing sounds from video game music, sound effects and a variety of musical genres. For purposes of permanent renewal and experimentation, the sample bank brings a rich vocabulary, so that each song has its own energy and identity.

Each song is performed in a precise synergy, putting back the body at the center of an electronic music performance. Roles can also switch, when the synthesizer plays percussions and the drum kit takes the role of bass or piano, allowing to create innovative musical shapes.