Braille Satellite 2023

Nathan Dawidowicz

Music has forever been the long-driving passion of Nathan Dawidowicz’s exploration, seeking to broaden popular perspectives through the interdisciplinarity of storytelling beyond tradition and preconceptions. Their genre-defying approach to DJing opens the gates to a hallucinatory dialog that invites inclusivity and intimacy, all in the service of shared transcendentalism.

Born in Milan to a Cameroonese father and a Polish/Lithuanian mother, Dawidowicz’s moved to Jerusalem at age six. They have spent their childhood in a Jewish ultra-orthodox environment, playing the piano within the context of religious ceremonies and dreaming of becoming a fashion designer and musician. After waking up from the reality they were raised in, they moved to Venice and started to explore the world outside of the mental barriers of religion. While completing their fashion design degree back in Milan, music was their medicine, and they quickly started developing the practice of storytelling through the medium of sound, serendipitously pursuing their father’s path as a disk jockey in the vibrancy of the Eighties and Nineties cosmopolitan Milanese nightlife. Their search for home and their devotion to music brought them quickly to Berlin, where they currently create, live, and love.

In March 2023, their debut solo album “Sanctuary of Ideas” was released via the Zurich-Berlin-based label Lustpoderosa.

This is a very personal and optimistic journey by Nathan Dawidowicz. A spiritual path, as cosmic and adventurous as Nathan’s trajectory, with beautiful twists and psychedelic twirls into their personal rabbit hole. A record full of memories and positive affirmations, filled with jazzy yet psychedelic Cosmic and Krautrock elements. A fusion of inspiration and a perfect reflection of Dawidowicz’s heritage.