Braille Satellite 2023

Tony Buck & Gianni Gebbia

What happens when saxophonist Gianni Gebbia and his circular breathing meets the hypnotic rhythms of Tony Buck from The Necks? Here is The Fruitful Darkness.

This duo project is based on the suggestions deriving from the title of a book by Joan Halifax, zen nun and anthropologist.

Circular breathing, ritual rhythms, chants from the Sicilian fishermen in in a strong chaotic descent into unknown sound states where we can discover a fruitful darkness.

A sound adventure in the unconscious, in repetition and in an ambient of the future present. The inspirations coming from the multiple experiences of the two musicians will connect in a blend of tribal rhythms, complex drones, hypnotic type textures shamanic and influences from Indian music, dark ambient meets radical improvisation in new territories. The whole is punctuated by Buck’s strong rhythmic signature and the skillful use of the circular breathing technique of which Gebbia is one of the undisputed masters. In 2022 the recording of their live Jazz is Dead was broadcast. by Battiti Rai 3. In May 2022 they played at the Ring Ring Festival in Belgrade and Planeta Sessions in Noto, Morphine Raum Berlin. The made their first album for the digital label objet-a.