Francesco Fonassi

Francesco Fonassi (b. 1986, Italy) is a sonic artist, independent researcher, musician, sound designer/producer working in the field of sound based performances, transmission/transmedial art and experimental music. His work have been featured internationally at museums, public sites and independent spaces; as a musician he played in festivals such as LUFF (Lousanne), Troglobatem (Stuttgart), Transmissions (Ravenna), Braille Satellite (Vilnius), Cosmic Gathering (Chemnitz). He’s part of several project such as Interlingua (with Francesco Venturi), Chorus Abstracta (with Simone and Michele Bornati aka Twoonky), and duos with the producer Marta Salogni, voice artist Ines Marita, visual artist Karin Ferrari, singer and harmonium player Maria Valentina Chirico. He co-runs and co-directs Spettro, a venue/studio/club based in Brescia, Italy, related label Villa Recordings and radio platform PsyMedTapes

is a solo ongoing project, which will be published as a trilogy in 2023/24 on MUSCUT, Les Giants and Das Andere Selbst. A neo-primitive ‘cubist’ tape promenade produced with Buchla synthetizers at EMS Stockholm: played through Nagra reel to reel machines, live dubbing and spaced out echo chambers driving a progressive, magnetic journey.