Unfortunately, the festival is not going to happen this year. It is too complicated to arrange Braille Satellite kind of line-up under existing limitations and uncertainty. All of you who got the tickets already, can get the money back, or use the same ticket next year. As well you could use the amount spent on the ticket for entering all concerts and events we’ll organise over the year. If you are in a rush please e-mail us info@braille-satellite.pro to say what you prefer. We will be soon contacting you personally.


Don the Tiger

Don the Tiger

Don The Tiger is the solo project of Adrián de Alfonso, nomadic Spanish musician who has collaborated with the likes of Carla Bozulich, Lydia Lunch, Victor Herrero, Lucrecia Dalt, Robert Forster or Mark Cunningham.

Based in Berlin since 2011, Don The Tiger takes inspiration from everything he misses in that city -be it rumba, MPB, bolero, baroque fantasy, guabina, torch songs, flamenco or Fania Records- and channels it through elaborate sampling techniques and musique concrète outbursts, delivering it all in a way that owes more to primitive rock’n’roll or avant-garde pop than to anything else.

Besides a bunch of untraceable tapes and cdrs, Don The Tiger has released two LPs to date: “Varadero” (2013, Canada) and “Matanzas” (2018, Crammed Discs).