Unfortunately, the festival is not going to happen this year. It is too complicated to arrange Braille Satellite kind of line-up under existing limitations and uncertainty. All of you who got the tickets already, can get the money back, or use the same ticket next year. As well you could use the amount spent on the ticket for entering all concerts and events we’ll organise over the year. If you are in a rush please e-mail us info@braille-satellite.pro to say what you prefer. We will be soon contacting you personally.


Severine Beata

Severin Beata

Severine Beata is an Andalusian musicologist and multi-instrumentalist. Her music is closely influenced by electronic music pioneers like Terry Riley or Delia Derbyshire. Electronic music without computers, floating synthesizers and hidden melodies looking for a place to develop on a dreamlike atmosphere are some ingredients you find on her live set musical proposal. Her two latest published works, Rerum Natura (2016) and El Ojo Brillante (2018) has been well received by music critics allowing her to play in different art and music events all over Spain.