Braille Satellite 2017

7697 miles

7697 MILES is a project formed by Cristóbal Rawlins from Santiago, Chile and Dieter Mauson from Hamburg, Germany. The name of the band marks the distance between both cities. The musicians met in Hamburg in June 2016. Cristóbal at that time was living in Berlin for 3 months to work on his new solo album and to play some concerts in Europe. Some weeks later Dieter visited Cristóbal in Berlin and they started to record music. Before returning to Santiago Cristóbal visited Dieter in Hamburg and they went on with their studio work. In January Dieter travelled to Santiago and 7697 MILES played a small tour in Chile. They did some spontaneous concerts in Santiago, Pichilemu, Pucón and Puerto Varas and recorded new material in the countryside of Araucanía. They also had some sessions with other musicians on the island of Chiloé. They are planning some concert in Europe for July this year and a another tour through Chile and probably other countries in South America for the beginning of 2018. Meanwhile their first album is ready for release. Their music is mainly electronic based but also contains ambient sounds, guitar, theremin and radio voices.

Cristóbal was born in 1980 in Santiago and played keyboards and programming in different bands from 2004. In 2013 he started his solo project Raw C (abstract and techno music) and other electronic music projects. Dieter was born in Leer, Germany and started to play in different punk and nowave bands in 1982. With a friend he formed NOSTALGIE ÉTERNELLE in 1986 and later other bands and projects. In 2012 he started his solo-project OCCUPIED HEAD.