For those arriving from abroad, the following airlines are flying to Vilnius Airport from major cities in Europe: Ryanair, Wizz Air, Airbaltic, Norwegian, Lufthansa, LOT, Brussels Airlines, SAS, SWISS, Turkish Airlines, Finnair, Ukrainian Airlines. More information about Vilnius airport including available transportation services can be found HERE. The flight map from/to Vilnius HERE.

For those who will travel to the festival right after landing in Vilnius airport we suggest to use a shuttle train service that takes you to Vilnius train station in 7 min. From there you can get on a 1-hour train that will take you to the festival.

BY_TRAIN to the Festival

As place is accessible by train we would recommend to choose TRAIN travel. There are 4 trains per day going from VILNIUS train station direction IGNALINA / TURMANTAS. You need to get off the train at ŽEIMENA station (10 stops). Train travel time is around 1 hour 10 minutes. Ticket price 5,90 Eur one way. Train tickets can be ordered online HERE, or purchased at the cashier in Vilnius train station just before departure or even on the train. There is an additional fee of 2,00 Eur when buying ticket on the train. A good advice for locals is to take a bicycle on train to reach your final destination easier and faster. Bicycle transportation fee is 2,40 Eur extra one way.

After you get off the train in ŽEIMENA station you will need to continue on foot or catch the shuttle. The distance between train station and festival is 5 km. To reach the place walking would take around 50 min. on a forest trail and a gravel road. There will be taxi kind of vans/cars operating between ŽEIMENA train station and festival’s area.

Train time schedule VILNIUS-ŽEIMENA-VILNIUS can be double-checked HERE.
Trains from Vilnius to Žeimena departs daily at 05:40, 07:40, 11:18, 17:50.
Trains from Žeimena to Vilnius departs daily at 06:16, 10:28, 17:15, 19:25.

Tere is a short video “how to arrive by train” that might be helpful:

There are two trains departing from Vilnius station later at 19:50 and at 21:10. They don’t stop at Žeimena station, but they do stop in Švenčionėliai station, which is 13 km from the festival area.

For those who prefer taxi to a walk, there will be shuttles operating between train station and festival area. As well, same taxi cars will be able to take you wherever you need during the festival. The prices are negotiable and depends on the distance. Going from train station to the festival should not cost more than 2-3 Eur per person.

TAXI numbers:
III  +370 642 31372
II +370 618 00302 friday to sunday only

I +370

BY_CAR to the Festival

For those who go by CAR the map showing the way from Vilnius is HERE

You need to take the road No. 102 direction ŠVENČIONYS. The road is going through NEMENČINĖ (24 km) and PABRADĖ (47 km) towns. After you’ll pass Pabradė town continue on the road 102 for about 26 km until you see the sign ‘SARIAI’. It is where you need turn left off the road No. 102. After made a left turn to Sariai, cross the town keeping on a main road. The dirt road will start right after you pass Sariai town. Continue for about 3 km, until you reach the cross with two signs: ‘LAUŽĖNAI 0,5’ to the left and ‘GRYBŲ VS. 0,5’ to the right. Take a right turn. That last cross looks like this in summer time:

Braille satellite 2020. Arrival

Turn right to Grybų vs. as a sign will indicate, and continue for about 500 m until you reach your destination.

Total distance from Vilnius 80 km

Coordinates of the festival: 55.085946, 25.989184