Online tickets to Braille Satellite, please fill in the form.

Online tickets will be available to order and pay on our website till 27th of July.
After 27th of July you will be only able to get the tickets at the entrance. The tickets will be also available for purchase at the entrance.

Full festival tickets:
– From July 18th the full festival ticket’s price is 100 Eur.
– Full festival ticket’s price at the entrance will be 100 Eur.
It is valid if you’re coming on Thursday or Friday.

Single day tickets:
– You can buy it at the entrance only.
– The price for Thursday’s or Sunday’s program is 40 Eur.
– The price for Friday’s or Saturday’s program is 50 Eur.
– If you buy a single day ticket, you will be able to stay in the area till 2:00 PM of the next day.
– If you change your mind and would like to stay longer, please come to the entrance point to get the thing solved.
– Keep in mind that at the entrance tickets are cash only.