Ticket to Braille Satellite

Online tickets will be available for the purchase on our website till 18th of July.
After 18th of July you will only be able to get the ticket at the entrance. The tickets at the entrance are CASH only.

FULL ticket:
– The price of the ticket will increase monthly:
January – 70 eur
February – 80 eur
March – 90 eur
April – 100 eur
May – 110 eur
June and July – 120 eur

Full ticket price at the entrance will will be 120 Eur or more. Entering on Thursday or Friday the price of the full ticket is the same.

SINGLE DAY ticket:
– Only available at the entrance
– The price for Thursday or Sunday – 40 Eur
– The price for Friday or Saturday – 50 Eur
– Valid until 1:00 PM of next day

TWO DAYS ticket:
– Only available at the entrance
– Thursday & Friday – 80 Eur
– Friday & Saturday – 100 Eur
– Saturday & Sunday – 90 Eur
– Valid until 1:00 PM of the 2nd day

In case you change your mind and would like to stay longer than your ticket allows, you need to come to the entrance to upgrade your ticket to Full paying the extra amount.



Fill in the order form and press “Buy” button to order your ticket (-s). To make the payment, you’ll receive all the necessary information in your e-mail right after the order is submitted. Your ticket will be sent to you via e-mail in 72 hours after the payment is received. When choosing payment method keep in mind that Paypal fee per transaction is 3,4% + 0,35 eur and that will be added to the ticket price. The bank transfer between banks might cost from 0,00 to 2,00 Eur and it depends on a certain bank. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: