To order your ticket, fill in the form. Tickets ordered online must be paid in 3 days.

Those who are based in Vilnius or visiting earlier before the festival can also buy tickets paying in cash at Empty Brain Resort (Vitebsko str. 23, 11350 Vilnius). To agree on meeting or different location, you can contact us: or text us on messenger.

The Price of the tickets will increase getting closer to the date. The tickets will also be available for purchase at the entrance to the festival.

50 Eur – until mid of April
60 Eur – until mid of June
70 Eur – until mid of July

SINGLE day tickets are only available at the entrance.
FRIDAY, 17th. Pay full price. Return the wristlet till 2 pm Saturday, get 30 Eur back.
SATURDAY, 18th. Pay 50 Eur. Return the wristlet till 2 pm Sunday, get 10 Eur back.
SUNDAY, 19th. – 25 Eur.



Fill in the request form and press “Buy” button to order your ticket (-s). To make the payment, you’ll receive all the necessary information in your e-mail after this order is complete. Your ticket (-s) will be sent to you via e-mail in 72 hours after the payment is received. When choosing payment method keep in mind that Paypal fee is 3,2% of the amount received and it will be added to the ticket price. A bank transfer between EU banks will cost you approx. 1,00 Eur and it depends on a certain bank. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: