Braille Satellite 2023 Recovery

The 2023 festival’s financial situation is much better compared to the last year. However this year we ended up with a debt of 4800 Eur.
We still have to pay for the rent of the toilets, sound system, printing services, a charge to author rights agency, as well to compensate the fuel costs to some drivers and the travel costs of some artists.

On this page you can help us to pay all the debts by donating the preferable amount of money and get the festival related merchandise in exchange.

Support collected: 4410 Eur The debt left to cover at the moment is: 390 Eur.

On the right side of this page we offer the items you can choose from. Considering the amount of your donation, it is possible to select several items at once or no item at all.

Select what would you like to have as a memory and we will email you with the details for making the donation. Paypal, Revolut and Bank Transfer options are available.

We hope it will work this way and we will solve our debts in this way. It was the 5th anniversary of the Braille Satellite, for all of us.