Braille Satellite 2017


Galya Chikiss aka Galina Ozeran is a russian singer-songwriter, composer, producer, dj and synth diva. Over the last ten years she has recorded a remarkable range of music – from contemporary piano and electro-acoustic pieces to nostalgic synth-pop songs, shoegaze, noise-rock and trippy electronic avant-garde material – a ll as a solo artist and in collaboration with others. Galya has taken part in many stage and studio projects, she was nominated for Russia’s Voice Prize and actually won Artemy Troitsky’s “Stepnoi Volk” (Steppenwolf) award, both in 2012.
When operating alone, Galya’s music is stripped to the bare bones. Her songs become so intimate that the rigid framework of material existence is cancelled out entirely. All that remains is the ephemeral, fluid forms of her synths, accompanied by a gentle beatbox. The result may sound a little distant, but Galya’s voice is always close by. The long-standing experiments listed here have allowed her to sidestep all
manner of stereotypes regarding any “ambient” craft. Avoiding all possible risks regarding standard chill-out registers, too, Galya is instead able to stress the importance of incisive melodies and apt lyrics. A constant refusal of anything “traditional” means that she conducts a close dialog with her listeners. Voices are never raised: there’s nothing more than an exchange of whatever’s most private, pressing, or important.
Galya’s career has undergone many metamorphoses, allowing her to remain securely at the forefront of Russian avant-garde scene.