Braille Satellite 2017

Chris Imler

Chris is a Berlin based performer. The kinetic magic of his wicket playing style makes him the voodoo priest of Berlin’s music scene. He was a member of the legendary “Golden Showers” but has also played and plays with “Puppetmastaz”, “Peaches”, “Electronicat”, “Jens Friebe” and others and more recently he collaborated with Two Monkeys and Oum Shatt. In 2012 a 7Inch came out on the Belgium label “Meeuw”. It features the exhilarating and disturbing song “Vorwärts”, text wise a mixture of gloomy si-fi-romanticism and socialist hymn.

In 2011-13 he released the albums “Lemniscate”(a sound installation, developed during a residency at the Rober Wilson Institute in NY) and “We are The World” as “Driver&Driver” with Patric Catani, on the labels “Sonig” and “Staatsakt”, on which also his solo album “Nervös” was released in 2014. The critically acclaimed record resonated with the audience and German music magazines quickly publicised headline articles about him. The record’s angular, infectious and weird pop has been that significant, injecting a much needed dose of fun, ecocentrism and spontaneity into Germany’s musical landscape. Chris Imler is constantly playing all over Europe.

People are raving about his flamboyant live-shows, in which he mesmerises sonorous-sexual singer, ADHS-like drummer and artificer of unheard samples.