Braille Satellite 2017

James Welburn

James Welburn is a UK-born bass-guitar player and composer who currently resides in Norway. James has been active in music for many years – since the early 90’s – but his first full length solo release, Hold, came out on Miasmah only in 2015. Just as all of James’ music, this LP, which was recorded with The Necks’ drummer Tony Buck (a long-time collaborator on Transmit and Project Transmit), is a special treat for anyone who enjoys grand narratives and atmospherics in drone, post-rock and other related areas of “heavy” music – and it was all realised using only a minor arsenal. It’s the remarkable ideas that make Welburn’s music so stunning. His vision creates long, drawn-out tracks that are meditative despite their overwhelming abrasiveness, and have a strong sense of direction and purpose. The background is always a rich and detailed floating choir of noises and drones singing some monumental epic.