Braille Satellite 2017

Zan Hoffman

Like a man on a mission Zan Hoffman took cues from John Cage and a budding cassette-oriented home recording postal network and established in 1984 an experimental label to trade and collaborate with fellow-minded artists worldwide. Across 27 years Zan engaged in wide-ranging field of study and experimentation working with over 300 artists to produce in excess of 1100 releases.

Three stand-out projects, each with over 100 releases, continued to operate past the 2011 end of Zan’s ZH27 label: Zanstones for sonic exploration, Zanoisect with composed noise and Bodycocktail ~ recently described as Frank Sinatra Synth-Punk. With over 2000 songs Bodycocktail always has a fresh batch of catchy songs for each concert tour. Extensive touring of the Portuguese coast of Spain in Galicia has made him a bit of a local celebrity and the love-affair created a most passionate performer.