Braille Satellite 2018

Giorgio Gabber

I actually was in Vae Victis (Misano) on the summer 1989, it was around 9 a.m. and there was a selection at the entry: two guys hanging on the garden door in front of a waving crowd. No line, the selectors were calling the selected straight out from the crowd by pointing to somebody and saying “you, in”.
I was 15, hanging out with some older friends on a 2 weeks holiday, i will always be grateful to my mum cause she did let me go, we were coming from Cocorico that just opened that year and still was a really crazy place.
One of my friend had a lot of haunting clothes that he was kindly lending us, i remember i was wearing some black and white chess elephant legged suit and no t-shirt.
No idea how we got there, we were walking in the morning sun completely lost and suddenly we get to the Vae Victis parking, some guys were closing their car’s door by kicking it violently as we entered the crowd.
Possibly we were a bit spaced out by the night and by this situation that was completely new, i just remember that at some point the guy at the door pointed to us and said “you guys in”, the crowd opened and we walked through entering the garden. It was an incredibly good feeling, i still feel it when i tell the story.