Braille Satellite 2018

Lycurgus & Alexandra Macia A/V live performance

Coming from Thessaloniki, Greece, where he performed as a member of the improvisation collective “Fun With Nuns”, Lycurgus a.k.a. CXIxVI, “Goolyk” or “Sibilus Satanicus”, moved to Berlin in 2012 and later on participated as a resident live act at “OUR HOBBY IS DIFFERENT” parties, under the alias “Goolyk”.

Co-founder of “Templeyard Studios” collective that begun as a collaboration project with Miltiades, back in 2015, in Tempelhof, Berlin, they released their first short album, “Messages From A Better Destiny” on Athens-based “Echovolt Records” (EvR – 021), in 2016.

He also appears through solo projects or collaborations on labels such as “Das Andere Selbst” (D.A.S. 027, “Sibilus Satanicus”), “Phormix Tapes” (PHXT01), Lyon based “mélodies souterraines / late-night rec.” (SUBREC01338) and Mathematics Recordings (MATH093).

His latest vinyl release comes in 2017, from the legendary Bunker/Panzerkreuz (Panzerkreuz 1020), based in Den Haag.

Within the barbarism composed out of an outdated visual and sound proposal, usually generalised by the total deconstruction, we find Alexandra Macia who conceptualises in the form of critique to the media manipulation and the fragility of other aspects in this multimedia field. Her further desire for expression is part of the different faces that she confronts with her raw creations. In an intentionally outside world of the conservative and in search of filmmaking of the past, the arrogance and punk attitude of the video art are rendered more sickly. The pursuit to bend established models leads to subliminal psychovisual landscapes that spring from explicit lust and artistic connotations that derive from the process’s DIY purity. The work seems to complete itself by channeling the histrionic instability of the imagery so as to accelerate the vision of the spectator.