Braille Satellite 2019

Don’t DJ

“He is a DJ-Producer of higher quality. Him no deal with booze and abuse of drug. That’s why mi give him thanks and praise Jah Jah knows” (Dr Alban)

Don’t DJ is interested in what he calls “musique acéphale” – a metric which has no distinct starting point and thus encourages the listeners to constantly switch their metric focus to discover different “points of listen” within the same arrangement. When performing live Don’t DJ is constantly rearranging the components of the rhythms, thus never really reproducing the initial tracks but constantly experimenting.
As a DJ he is praised for his “smooth eclecticism” (Mark Gonzales) while his pivotal point being the style he releases on his DISK imprint.

Don’t DJ seeks to inspire consciousness to wander beyond culturally suggested boundaries of the perception of reality.