Braille Satellite 2019


Justinas Mikulskis (b. 1986), a.k.a S13, is a DJ, promoter, journalist, and the mastermind behind the underground music journal Having grown up surrounded by his uncle’s vinyl collection of black metal, punk, hard rock and 70’s music, Mikulskis became interested in the world of sound from a young age. When he was ten years old, his engineer grandfather helped him make his first DJ mixer, and Justinas started mixing cassettes, creating sound collages, and developing his knowledge in sound architecture. Later on he became a rebellious youth, who couldn’t quite fit in with post-Soviet social norms. When Mikulskis was expelled from school, he decided to delve deeper into music, immersing himself in the world of experimental/contemporary music, free jazz, noise, field-recordings, industrial, ethnographic, new wave, synth-pop, ambient and other genres, constantly challenging the boundaries of his sonic perception. In these years he also drowned himself in literature, ranging from ideological books on anarchism, nihilism, ancient philosophy to science fiction and surrealist works.