Braille Satellite 2023


The legendary band Embryo is around since 1969, still evolving, living through generations and crossing borders. A international collective, with influences from all over the world and a rare gem of musical creativity. Mal Waldron, Charlie Mariano, Fela Kuti are just a few names who worked and played with Embryo. Since 2016 Marja, the daughter of the former Christian Burchard, is leading the band. She bring’s new energy with the same spirit. Jazz, Rock, psychedelic melodies from all over the world, Rhythms and Improvisations are fusing into a new sound- on every concert creating something new for the freedom in music.

Also with the new Generation Embryo keeps flowing on and on- Creating and remembering with big respect to old melodies and masters of the whole world without loosing their own style.

Music without borders always looking for – always finding something new.

Embryo – they are these crazy creative musicians playing really great stuff” Miles Davis

“This Music is always better than any drug. It’s a revelation a promise, gives hope an builds courage. You can see and hear the pleasure the musicians have and spread on stage…” Hallertau Newspaper about Embryo