Braille Satellite 2023


Within the Sherry Region, wines that have a very low proportion of sugar are considered “seco” (dry). They are herbaceous and spicy wines, in which the aromas of the wood on which they have aged can be recognized; the drier, the more raw and powerful, a product not recommended for the weak in spirit.

Something similar happens with the duo from El Puerto SecoSecoSeco: their name comes from a private joke, which we won’t reveal here, but their leaders, the Rejano Sentís brothers, have a lot of “solera” behind them. Old acquaintances of the greasy garage scene, eternal affiliates of the do it yourself aesthetic (look for their previous incarnation as Little Cobras, for example), they decided one day to put the guitars in the back of the rehearsal room and replace them with synths, drum machines, sampling pads and many of those toys that make noise. And the result is raw and powerful music, conjuring up obsessive rhythms, stumbling melodies, screwed-up filters and a strange telluric sensation: imagine a Liquid Liquid record playing from the bottom of a barrel and begin to understand what we are talking about. Then continue with “Rr con Rr”, the first song from their new single, which braids various offbeat rhythms, and then drops acid melodies, oriental filigrees and a poem by the Cuban Mariano Brull spit out loudly. Or with “Lata”, the B-side, with a squarer and more aggressive rhythm, over which several synthesizer lines push their way.

It’s punk and it’s electronic, you can dance to it (as long as you’re willing to drop your hips in the attempt) and best of all, there’s so much more where this came from. Of course, keep away the weak in spirit.