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Wosto was born in 1980 in Geseke (a small town in “Wostfalia”). As he would call himself an animal lover, he released all of the animals from Geseke in 1995 and rode a donkey through his hometown. The police came and arrested Wosto and his animal gang into a seperate district, where he still lives with them and plays records for them. To this day, many visitors come to see him playing and dancing and feed him with new music by throwing the records over the fence. It is said that there is a secret tunnel, so Wosto can escape from time to time and play some secret gigs outside.

In 2013 Wosto and his best friend Kluentah founded FALLBEIL. So far they released many records on different labels all over the world. In 2017 Wosto and the two members of NOSTALGIE ÉTERNELLE started the trio SAUERSTOFFF. Wosto is also releasing solo records and is running his own vinyl label – TEERPAPPE.