Braille Satellite 2023


My name is Tomasz aka Wrubel. I’m a filmmaker and dj living in Warsaw. In Radio Kapitał I have a show called The Garden, in which I mix obscure gems into soundtracks for different planets and their inhabitants. From shamanic sounds of Mercury and its compass-faced sailors, through, hot as lava, disco tunes from the volcanic Saturn and golems living there, to industrial rhythms of working robots from Uranus.

What I will play in July is a result of a strange situation, which happened to me last year during the festival. It was Friday night and I was looking up at the dark sky, delighting in the spectacle of shooting stars. Suddenly, a few meters from me, a light landed on the grass. As I came closer, I saw a small, glowing mushroom. It smiled at me and introduced himself – his name was Omph. He said that he had come from Jupiter, to see how we live on Earth. He wanted to join me. I agreed and put him in my shirt’s pocket, so that he could see everything. We danced until morning, and when the sun rose, Omph said he had to go back. As he was leaving, he promised to send me a mixtape with his favorite songs. Just after that he disappeared into the morning mist. Some time later, in the bushes near my house, I found a package with a cassette inside. I thought that there was no better place to play the favorite music of my new fungi friend, than the place where we met. I wonder if I will see him again this year.