Unfortunately, the festival is not going to happen this year. It is too complicated to arrange Braille Satellite kind of line-up under existing limitations and uncertainty. All of you who got the tickets already, can get the money back, or use the same ticket next year. As well you could use the amount spent on the ticket for entering all concerts and events we’ll organise over the year. If you are in a rush please e-mail us info@braille-satellite.pro to say what you prefer. We will be soon contacting you personally.


Monty Oxymoron

Monty Oxymoron

My roots are in psyche and prog as you can tell from the Tapes before I got into punk and finally joined the Damned. Recently I got more into Jazz and Classical music especially the more experimental stuff. I draw on everything I can. I don’t mind improvising with other people either, in fact I prefer that: having more people to play off; so if anyone’s into free improv with me as well I’m game for that too!

Monty Oxymoron b. Cambridge, Sept 27th 1961 – keyboardist for the Damned since 1996, Monty is a multi-instrumentalist and can also play (in addition to Keyboards) Guitar, Bass Guitar, Marimba, and all sorts of hand percussion. Has also been known to play objects not designed as musical instruments.

Monty has also performed with Captain Sensible, Dr. Spacetoad Experience, Sumerian Kyngs, The 2nd Attic, The Trevor Kaye Quintet, The Sweetcorn Experience, Improvising Duo (ID) with Rod Paton, Captain Stupidt (sic), Yvo Luna, Tim Burness and the “Celebration” Jazz duo with Dee Byrne (sax). He also plays with The Vitamin B12, appearing with them live at “All Tomorrow’s Parties” festival 2005.

A keen musical improviser since an early age, today he continues to improvise with the Brighton “Safehouse Collective” in both open sessions and gigs.